Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Asteroid YU-55 Spotted

Last night I thought that I could try to get a glimpse of the near earth asteroid YU-55. First I downloaded the program Stellarium and determined the approximate location of the asteroid, in the lower corner of the constellation Pegasus, almost in a straight line with Jupiter and the moon just slightly lower. So I proceeded outside in a frosty 30 degree temperature. Right off, I could see it was going to be difficult, the moon was bright and washing out almost all the stars in the region. I lined up Jupiter with the moon and determined the area where I thought it would be, nothing not even the stars in the constellation Pegasus were showing. Not giving up despite sniffling and shivering I continued to search. Then suddenly...I sited it, moving fast towards the East. What a great experience I will always remember…only why did it have a red light on it and a flashing white light?

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