Friday, July 16, 2010

Debian LXDE OS

I started this time with an old computer 450mhz Pentium II, 192 MB Ram and a 6.4 GB hard-drive. I decided to push this old thing to its limits. I installed Debian LXDE OS.

LXDE Lightweight X-11 Desktop Environment is supposed to be lightweight enough to try on an old computer. Well it worked with an amazing 85 seconds to boot from the grub.

Debian LXDE uses Open Office 2.4 and Leafpad for a smaller text editor.
It has Iceweasel installed as a browser. A cheap version of Gimp and that is it.

Not even a package or update manager. I could probably waste my time downloading all the good stuff through terminal commands. But if Linux designers want to get a bigger foothold on the operating system arena, they've got to do a better job in wooing Windows users away by using at least a package manager.

I give Debian LXDE a 'D-' and only that high, because it worked on this old piece of crap computer.

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