Monday, March 2, 2009

Obama Fiddles, Rome Burns

Nero plays with his health care system while Rome burns. Is health care going to pull us out of this bad economy? It’s only going to pull us further down. Why doesn’t Obama go on another vacation everything does much better when he's on one? Old mother Hubbord has health care, but no cupboard to even put a bone in. And the required senior citizen center she is made to live in won’t allow dogs.
Meanwhile, back in space, the launch windows are getting smaller because of satellite space junk. Launching into space is like carrying an open can of tuna fish down a flight of stairs in a house full of cats.
The space shuttle Discovery and Glory (a solar radiation and airborne particles satellite, which measures reflected and trapped sunlight) were delayed not only for space junk, but also because of the Carbon-waste-of-money satellite crashing. What kind of carbon footprint did that make?
Archeology magazine March/April 2009 had copious quantities of articles about the bad effects of global warming on archeology sites. Since when are archeologists weather scientists? One article in particular really eroded my epidermis, was one called ‘World Roundup’ by Samir S. Patel. It stated that man had created the Little Ice Age by bringing smallpox to the new world and killing the inhabitants, thus allowing forest growth to encroach on cultivated land, sucking the carbon out of the air. The Little Ice Age started earlier than Sam’s time period (1550-1750), it was about 1315-1850. In all honesty does he really think man caused the Little Ice Age? On the protective mailing cover of the magazine it said ‘This is your Last Issue’, well, I certainly hope so.
Global warming isn’t here and never happened, get over it.

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